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Our aim is to make computer recycling secure, legally compliant and environmentally friendly for your organisation.

Registered under the Microsoft refurbishment program to recycle and refurbish computers for reuse. Refurbishing is a key part of the WEEE directive and under this program we provide a refurbishment service that is of the highest standard.

Blancco is the most recognised and highly certified data erasure software. With the Blancco software exceeding the highest security specifications detailed in the CESG HMG Infosec Standard No: 5. The software also generates detailed compliance reports for your compliance reporting.

Security Focused

Security approved collection personnel & GPS tracked vehicles

CESG approved data wiping and certificate reporting

Full compliance inventory reporting

What is recycled?

All computer items are collected and recycled including small quantities, large quantities and even older generation/equipment that is no longer in working order. Alongside computers all types of computer related peripherals including; Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Printers and other items.

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